Paradise Taxi


The early stages of Paradise Taxi

Paula with her VW Rabbit Taxi, R2D2


Paula with her VW Rabbit Taxi, R2D2 at her Mom & Dad’s House


Paula in Hawaii

As you can see in the top black & white photo most of the people who joined Paradise Taxi in the beginning days were husband & wife owner-operator teams. I had this photo professionally taken to run in the local newspaper because I firmly believed in the power of advertising.

Paula enjoyed the fuel economy of her 1980 VW Rabbit taxi which got almost 50 miles per gallon consistently. She also liked the fact that it was fun to drive. She learned to drive in a stick shift car from her dad and always preferred them over an automatic transmission. I did a play on words with our two Rabbit Taxis. I called them “Rabbit Transit” instead of “Rapid Transit”. We enjoyed the freedom that being our own bosses gave us, but that came at a price too. The buck always stopped with us, and sometimes that was a pretty hard load to bear. So it is with most things in life, rewards & responsibilities. It was good that we enjoyed each other’s company because we were almost always together every day. I will never be able to express now much it meant to me that “Paula Was My Girl”


About Ernie

I have always been able to do whatever I wanted or needed to do. Even if that meant having to read the instructions or ask for directions.

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